Barbara White Barnard

Barbara White BarnardBarbara White Barnard

“I am a school nurse, hospice chaplain, first responder, on a high angle swift water rescue team, and one member of a small community.

My charity is my local volunteer fire department. I’ve been a member for almost 10 years. My area consists of hundreds and hundreds of square miles of rural area, serviced by only one EMS. Sometimes this means response time for a patient may be over an hour. Our fire department does not own an AED. I have stood over an elderly man in the store parking lot, performed CPR for over an hour on a young lady who went into cardiac arrest after a snow storm. Canoed down stream for tourist who had heart attacks on the river all without and AED, having only my hands and a teammate for support. And those are only a few that come to mind. There is a sense of helplessness when you know that your giving all you have but knowing that if you had this device you could possibly make a difference.

If I win this money, I will use not only the cash amount for charity but my winning amount also to buy 2 AEDS. They will be purchased in honor of 2 young brothers that I stood over on the side of the river banks after a terrible swimming accident. Every compression a terrible reminded how the inevitable outcome might possibly be different if I had only had an AED. I still dream of these boys, and I still feel the defeat. If I win, there will be 2 shiny new AEDS hanging in my firehouse that will hopefully save a life in remembrance of those I could not.”

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