Julia Nanette Ellis

Julia Nanette EllisJulia Nanette Ellis

Nominated by Molly Hendsbee

“Why Julia deserves to win:

First and foremost, I imagine that every nurse that was nominated has to be an exceptional one, because let’s face it – all nurses are awesome. With that said I couldn’t be happier to see that my best friend and such a fabulous nurse made it to the ‘Semi-Finals’. This is no surprise, of course, because Julia shines as a nurse; she is the light in a patient’s dark day. 🌞

Every morning before her shift at the local Hospital, Julia remarks “I get to take care of some incredible people today.” Not only does she touch her patient’s lives, but she allows them to touch hers. This very caring, giving soul deserves to win because she does not do what she does for the money, but because it’s her vocation. When she’s not working, she donates her time giving blood and changing people’s lives with health and exercise tips.

Julia will put the $1,000 to a charity that well deserves it and that she completely and whole-heartedly believes in. Julia touches lives every morning that she wakes up, whether it be at the hospital or off-duty. Wouldn’t it be grand to touch her life back with this grand prize and recognition?

Thank you to everyone that voted and continues to root for Julia Ellis, RN. 💊💉❤”

Voting has ended. Julia received a total of 295 votes. Please stay tuned for the final announcement!