Kara Mowell

Kara N Mowell, nominated by Kimberly WoosleyKara Mowell

Nominated by Kim Woosley

“My daughter’s Kara is as beautiful inside as she appears outside!! She loves what she does & has been her dream as long as I can remember. She was promoted to Charge Nurse on the labor & delivery floor the second year after achieving her BSN degree. Kara struggled financially & emotionally due to me becoming paralyzed then diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis & Lupus, while in her very first year of nursing school at MTSU. We encouraged her to continue with School & to continue after her dream. Kara worked two part time jobs & traveled an hour & half every weekend to be with me, even though I repeatedly ask her to only focus on her nursing program. She never failed a class while constantly pushing beyond her limits. Kara takes her job very seriously & is loved by everyone whom she not only works with but also the patients she takes care of. ย To say I’m proud of Kara doesn’t even begin to express my feelings. I want to nominate Kara not only for being an Amazing BSN but for her love & compassion, personality, attitude & the great desire she possesses to be the Best Nurse she can possibly be. ย It truly takes more than, just great nursing, skills & education to be an Exceptional & Outstanding Nurse!!! Kara Mowell is the perfect example and an inspiration of, what it takes & how to be, A Truly GREAT Nurse!!!!”

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