Nurse Spotlight: Julia Nanette Ellis

A special thank you to Molly Hendsbee who submit the following story:

I admire many nurses and many nursing assistants. I admire many doctors and many physician assistants. I admire many, many patients. But there is one nurse that sticks out in my mind every time I think about what it is to be a nurse.

jewlia24 (submitted by Molly Hendsbee)I met this nurse in nursing school when, she too, was ‘just’ a nursing student. But she didn’t seem like she was just beginning. She seemed like she was miles beyond the rest of us…and years beyond me. It was almost as if she breathed nursing, was born a nurse, and was put on this Earth to do just that – to nurse.

Even with all of her wisdom and confidence, she took me under her wing. She became my very best friend, my rock, and my hero.

Two years ago we graduated from student nurses to graduate nurses. It seems only fitting that she was the first in our class to take her boards…and passed in 75 questions and 45 minutes.

She’s found her calling in the CCU at our local hospital and has changed lives and saved them.

My best friend is my nurse hero and I am so very proud of that.


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