Shalon Morris

Shalon Morris, nominated by Devin

Shalon Morris

Nominated by Devin Morris

“I am proud to nominate Shalon Morris , LVN. For ten years exactly she has worked endlessly to provide comfort to those in their elderly age. As a nurse, Shalon has spent most of her career working in a Skilled Nursing Facility, she then generously moved to a Hospice and Home Health Service as the Assistant Director of Nursing, where she provides comfort to those in their final hours. She is a loving mother and nurse. She has inspired many to find their paths in nursing as she humbly travels down her path. She hopes to further her education to become an RN and work as a labor and delivery nurse, bringing new lives into the world.

To support her will to work with pediatric patients, her $1,000 dollar donation will be given to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for terminally ill children.

Voting has ended. Shalon received a total of 55 votes. Please stay tuned for the final announcement!