12 Truths All Nurses Know Too Well

25 Truths All Nurses Know - BlogNo matter what type of nurse you are, there are certain truths that all nurses know too well:

1. The patient that thinks they can do your job for you because they used WebMD.

2. Nurses have to kindly remind their patients that they’re not their personal servants.

3. You wash your hands more than everyone you know combined.

4. Nurses have the largest bladders around … who needs to pee on a 12-hour shift?

5. Coffee is a necessity, and you’ve definitely considered setting it up in an IV drip for yourself.

6. While other people build their shoe and purse collections, you’re pretty proud of the scrub collection you have in your closet.

7. Your nursing friendships are unlike any other because you’ve literally been through shit together.

8. You don’t understand the excitement of “TGIF” because you have a 12-hour shift on Saturday.

9. It’s almost inevitable that something will get in your eye as soon as you put your gloves on.

10. You’ll never hear a nurse say “it’s pretty quiet today.”

11. Nurses know all things come in threes.

12.You absolutely love being a nurse – regardless of the bad days you may encounter.


What other truths do you think nurses know too well? Tell us in the comments below!


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