4 ‘Murse’ Myths Debunked

4-murse-myths-debunked-blog-photoWhether you’re a man or a woman in the nursing field, you’ve probably come across one or two ‘murse myths’ during your career. We’ve heard them, maybe we’ve laughed at them or maybe we’ve shaken our head at them. But, it’s 2016 and men can be and are nurses. It’s time to put all those murse myths to rest.

Here are # common murse myths debunked!

MYTH #1: Male nurses are men who couldn’t make it all the way to being a doctor.

It’s (sadly) common for people to think that men who are nurses solely became nurses because they didn’t have what it takes to be a doctor. This is false. Male nurses are nurses because they actively chose nursing as a profession.

Jim from Scrubs Magazine says, “yes, from a man’s perspective, there are a lot of positive and negative aspects of nursing. One negative aspect is the assumption that we couldn’t hack med school. That’s obviously not the case for most of us.”1

MYTH #2: Men don’t have the amount of compassion needed to be a nurse.

For the most part, nurses become nurses because they want to make a difference and help people. This sort of desire cannot be labeled by gender.

Jennifer from Rasmussen College reminds us “men go into nursing for many of the same reasons women do. They want to make a difference, they feel they had a calling and they want to feel like a hero. In fact, the top reason a man enters the nursing field is due to his strong desire to help people, according to a 2005 study by the American Assembly of Men in Nursing.”2

MYTH #3: Medical facilities don’t want to hire male nurses.

For some reason, people think male nurses aren’t marketable. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Many medical facilities are looking for a diverse staff to serve their diverse patients.

Jennifer says “diversity is a top strength in nursing, and men that embrace that strength bring an interesting and distinctive perspective to the healthcare field, according to ‘Male Nurses Helping Change the Face of Nursing.’”2

MYTH #4: Nursing is solely a woman’s profession.

This may be one of the biggest myths people need to stop obsessing over. It’s 2016 people – anyone can be a nurse. Men can be nurses just like women can be firefighters.

Jim says “the idea of nursing being only a ‘woman’s profession’ has given way to the idea that anyone can be a nurse. The number of men in nursing is steadily increasing, and that’s a good thing. There’s plenty of room under the nursing umbrella for both men and women.”1

Basically, the point we’re trying to get across is that men can be nurses, and that’s pretty cool! All these murse myths are exactly just that – myths! Appreciate the male nurses you work with, chance are they’re working just as hard as you are!

What other murse myths have you heard before? Tell us in the comments below!


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