4 Nurse Personalities Newbie Nurses are Sure to Encounter

4 Nurse Personalities Newbie Nurses are Sure to Encounter - BlogSometimes being a newbie can be scary, especially when getting to know veteran nurses. As a new nurse, you are going to encounter many different personalities among your nurse coworkers. Not every nurse is the same, and each will act differently on the job and act differently toward new nurses.

We’ve gathered a few of the common nurse personalities you’re sure to come across and how to act accordingly.

1. The Nurse Who’s Seen it All

One of the most common nurses you’re sure to come across is the nurse who’s been doing this for years. These nurses have been in the field for ages and they’ve seen it all. They’ve witnessed the evolution of nursing.

These nurses are experienced, and they know what they’re doing. While they may be intimidating, they are the best on-the-job teachers for newbie nurses. According to Iris from Nurse Labs, “they may look at us pointedly and silence our giggles from time to time, but they are an excellent source of wealth and experience and must-know nursing wisdom. They love tough, but only so we learn how to be independent.”1

2. The Detail-Oriented Nurse

These nurses are obsessed with the most minute details. This type of nurse can be found among new nurses and old nurses. Iris says, “there will always be nurses who are too obsessed with the idea of checking that it delays work that needs to be done immediately.”1

The best way to deal with this kind of nurse is to be patient. While it may be frustrating when working with a detail-oriented nurse, remember that details are extremely important when dealing with patients’ lives. Sometimes obsessing over the small things can make a difference in the patient’s health outcome.

3. The Teacher Nurse

These nurses have a special place in their heart for newbie nurses. They understand that new nurses still have a lot of learning to do, and they’ve taken it upon themselves to help educate. The key personality trait of these nurses is patience. Instead of getting mad when when a new nurse makes a mistake, these teacher nurses will turn the experience into a learning opportunity.

These nurses are great resources if you have any questions. Make sure to use them as resources while on the job – they won’t mind, we promise!

4. The Laid-Back Nurse

Nothing seems to phase these nurses. The laid-back nurse never seems to be stressed out, regardless of the situation. Their laid-back attitude tends to have a calming effect on the rest of the nursing unit.

“They are the ones that are smiling, poised, and not worried in the middle of of a jam-packed action. Their tendencies include singing, dancing, and cracking jokes,” Iris says. “Another feature that you will forever envy? They don’t look like they’ve done double shifts. That’s how blessed they are!”

As a newbie, sometimes coming across these different types of nurses can seem daunting. But, remember that each of these nurses has something to offer newbie nurses. Use each nurse as a useful resource to build your own career!

What types of nurses do you encounter while working? Tell us in the comments below!


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