4 Nursing Personalities Every Nurse Knows

4-nursing-personalities-every-nurse-knows-bpNot all nurses are created equal. Each nurse you come across as a fellow nurse, and even as a patient, will have their own personality and style of doing things. Just because you’re a nurse doesn’t mean you have to fit into a tidy ‘nurse personality’ category.

Here are 4 common nurse personalities you are sure to come across.

1. The Devoted Nurse

Nursing was an absolute calling for these nurses. They are sensitive and kind, and devote their lives both in and out of work to helping others. Nurse Together says, “ These nurses often delay, in marathon fashion, personal needs for food and fluids, rest, elimination, and recreation.”1

If you have one of these nurses as your colleagues, you probably know that they will do everything to ensure your success along with theirs. The Devoted Nurse will be there to pick up your extra shift, help you out on daunting or difficult tasks and never take part in confrontation.

2. The Newbie Nurse

The Newbie Nurses are the nurses who are, as you probably guessed, new to the field of nursing. They are in a constant state of learning, and they are most likely frequently bombarding you with questions. “They tend to be a bit overwhelmed by the demands of the nursing profession and, fresh out of nursing school, tend to be anxious about doing things by the book and messing up,” according to Nurse Labs.2

A great thing about these young nurses is their willingness to learn. They are like sponges soaking about their surroundings. Because they’re new, they aren’t stuck in their ways yet, which makes them easy colleagues.

3. The No Excuses Nurse

These nurses have been in the field for a long time and know the ins and outs of nursing. They don’t have time for mistakes and excuses. The No Excuses Nurse believes in tough love.

According to Nurse Labs, “[they] might not hold your hand and help you through a difficult procedure, but they will push you to be your best and not allow you to question yourself.”2

4. The Adrenaline Seeking Nurse

Adrenaline Seeking Nurses are in the field of nursing for the excitement it provides. No two days are alike, and these nurses love that. No amount of blood, urine or any other bodily fluid phases these excitement junkies.

Nurse Together says “this nurse needs to work amidst tension and chaos and will create it, if necessary. The [No Excuses Nurse] unwinds by watching Rescue 911 on TV. This nurse becomes wild-eyed over any Code Blue announcement, fire drill, or the alarm on a piece of bio-medical equipment.”1

While this is not an all encompassing list of nurse stereotypes, these are a few of the common ones you are sure to come across!

What other nurse stereotypes have you encountered? Tell us in the comments below!


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