5 Hilarious Ways to Tell You’re a Nurse

5-hilarious-ways-to-tell-youre-a-nurse_bpNurses are a unique group of individuals. Once you become a nurse, you realize that nurses are their own unique bunch of medical professionals. They have their own mannerisms and habits, that when you think about it, can be pretty funny.

Here are 5 hilarious ways to tell you’re a nurse.

1. Nothing seems to really gross you out anymore.

As a nurse, your day is filled with ‘gross’ things. From bodily fluids to open wounds, you have pretty much seen it all up close and personal. Because of this nothing really seems to gross you out any more.

Monica from Nurse Labs says, “you can normally eat and sleep even after handling sticky, smelly and nasty bodily fluids. Maybe because you just totally wiped out your gag reflex?”1

2. You know better than to use the word ‘quiet’ while on the job.

The Q word is forbidden in your eyes. You know that saying your unit is quiet is just asking for trouble.

“If you’re a nurse, you have a bizarre behavior upon hearing the word ‘QUIET.’ The ‘Q’ word is so powerful it attracts a bunch of patients to make everything but quiet. It’s calm and easy then all of a sudden; all hell broke loose,” Monica says.1

3. You have a strong desire to pop and/or puncture anything unusual on a body.

Monica attributes this trait to a weird fetish. “When we see a bulging lesion, a pustule, or most especially a protruding vein to hit upon, the desire and unknown euphoria it gives in popping or puncturing it are quite strong. And when we try to ignore it, the struggle is real.”1

4. You can pinpoint the nights there is a full moon without even looking at the sky.

As a nurse you never look forward to full moons. You know that those nights are the craziest and sometimes the strangest. You can tell it’s a full moon just by what’s going on in your unit. The types of patients you have act as an accurate predictor of a full moon.2

5. You’ve pretty much become a professional at self-diagnosis.

At this point in your career, you feel pretty confident in diagnosing your own illnesses. You think to yourself ‘why seek out a doctor when you already know how to treat your illness?’

Monica says “since nurses are doctor’s angels on the bedside, a simple disease won’t freak you out. Years of experience gave you the confidence to diagnose successfully and treat yourself. Don’t worry, your pride will also let you seek a doctor if it’s life and death situations, ONLY.”1

Nurses truly are their own special subgroup of medical professionals. Once you’ve been working long enough, you’ll definitely pick up on some of the hilarious tell-tale signs that you’re a nurse.

What are some other funny ways to tell you’re a nurse? Tell us in the comments below!


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