Believe It or Not: You CAN Change Careers Within Nursing

Wordpress Featured Image Template-6If you have found yourself stuck in a rut and bored with your current career in nursing, you’re in luck. Despite what some may think, there are many career options within nursing, and a nursing degree is extremely versatile. Nurses can often change careers or specialties without additional schooling.

We’ve rounded up six different careers that can be held by those with a BSN.

Critical Care Nurse

Salary range: $55,210 – $95,0001

Critical care nursing is a specialty for those who like a fast-paced, constantly changing environment.

Critical care nurses, also known as intensive care unit nurses, are responsible for providing care to critically ill patients.2

Cindy Killian, a critical care nurse, says “If you’re looking for something that is always stimulating, something that you know you are always doing the best for your patient, […] and that you’re working with a team that incorporates everyone at the bedside, I would say [critical care nursing] is the place to be.”3

Developmental Disability Nurse

Salary range: $45,000 – $86,0001

Becoming a developmental disability nurse means having long-term relationships with your patients while helping improve the quality of their lives.

These nurses work with patients who have mental and/or developmental disabilities, such as Down Syndrome.4

This career allows you to work in a variety of settings, from private homes to hospitals and schools.

Transplant Nurse

Salary range: $56,000 – $86,0001

Transplant nurses help patients donate and receive organs.

According to Discover Nursing, “as a Transplant Nurse, you can assist the medical team during surgery and work in post-operative care [and monitor] patients for complications like organ rejection.”5

Julie Hudson, a liver transplant coordinator, says the field of transplant can be extremely rewarding. “There are far more miracles than misery in transplant.”6

Becoming a transplant nurse would require you to pass the transplant nurse certification exam through the American Board for Transplant Certification.6

Poison Information Specialist

Salary range: $32,000 – $78,0001

If you have experience in the emergency room setting or intensive care unit setting, making the career change to Poison Information Specialist could be the right fit for you.

These specialists work mainly in poison control centers, helping patients over the phone who have ingested poison.

This job would require you to get certified through the American Association of Poison Control Centers in addition to your BSN.

According to Discover Nursing, being certified can really increase your job prospects because this is a niche field.7

Psychiatric Nurse

Salary range: $74,000 – $126,0001

Psychiatric nurses work with patients who have mental illnesses.

These nurses are trained in behavioral therapy, which allows them to teach patients and their families how to deal with challenges tied to psychiatric disorders.8

Jess, a psychiatric nurse, loves that psychiatric nursing isn’t black and white. “I love the fact that psychiatry is not a cut and dried field – nothing is black and white when dealing with the human mind.”9 

Telephone Triage Nurse

Salary range: $40,000 – $75,0001

If you like talking to people, especially over the phone, this might be the job for you.

Telephone triage nurses, or telehealth nurses, assist patients over the phone. They can access patients’ charts online, answer patient questions and determine type of care needed.10

This job allows for flexibility with hours – a major plus!

Our list only scrapes the surface of the different types of careers nurses can have! Your nursing degree is extremely valuable – and flexible! For a longer list of careers for nurses, visit Discover Nursing.

Changing your career may be a lot easier – and more possible – than you thought!

Do you know an interesting career within the field of nursing? Tell us in the comments below!