Career Spotlight: Rehabilitation Nurse

Career Spotlight- Rehabilitation Nurse- BlogFinding a specialty within the field of nursing is truly beneficial for many nurses. Sometimes deciding what to specialize in can be a daunting task. We like to gather information on nursing specializations to help make this easier for you! The specialization we’d like to shine a spotlight on today is rehabilitation nursing.

What is a Rehabilitation Nurse?

Just as it sounds, rehabilitation nurses help patients rehabilitate from various illnesses and ailments. According to All Nursing Schools, “rehabilitation nurses specialize in helping patients of any age recover from debilitating injuries or chronic illnesses. In addition, they provide essential support to patients and their families or caregivers as they move from healthcare facilities back into their daily lives.”1

How do you become a Rehabilitation Nurse?

A rehabilitation nurse is required to have a degree in nursing. This can either be an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

You will also have to get your rehabilitation nurse certification from the Rehabilitation Nursing Certification Board through the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses.2

How much do a Rehabilitation Nurses make?

The average yearly salary for a rehabilitation nurse is $66,640. 1 This of course is dependent upon the type of degree you have, where you are working and multiple other factors.

What does a normal day look like for a Rehabilitation Nurse?

Rehabilitation nurses help patients recover from injuries and illnesses, thus their days revolve around such recovery. Many of these nurses work in outpatient rehabilitation centers.

According to Every Nurse, “as a rehabilitation nurse, you will encounter a number of different disabilities and have several responsibilities. For instance, you may help patients learn – or relearn – how to walk, talk, read, or write. You will also be responsible for caring for your patients’ physical and emotional needs.”3

As listed on the John Hopkins Medicine website, daily tasks of rehabilitation nurses include:

  • Set patient goals for independent functioning and activities of daily living
  • Encourage self-care
  • Prevent complications and further disability
  • Strengthen positive coping behaviors
  • Promote optimal quality of life
  • Help patients access continuing care as needed4

While this is not an exhaustive list of the daily tasks of rehabilitation nurses, it is a good start for understanding the daily work of these nurses.

Is Rehabilitation Nursing the right choice for me?

Rehabilitation nursing is for those who are caring and empathetic. Every Nurse says “rehabilitation nurses must be extremely supportive and encouraging. They often help patients feel empowered, and by giving them hope, they can help their patients reach seemingly impossible goals.

If you are looking for a multi-faceted career where you get to help patients set and reach goals, rehabilitation nursing might be the career path for you!

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