Confessions of a Pediatric Nurse with Grace Clark

Grace ClarkA huge shout out to Nurse Grace for having such a gentle yet determined touch in getting children to laugh and simply make a difference in these little people’s lives.

What type of nurse are you?

Pediatric Nurse

What are your credentials?


Where do you work?

Cumberland Hospital

Why did you decide to become a nurse? And why did you choose your particular field of nursing?

I was in the hospital when I was a child and there were terrifying moments and the only person who was nice to me the 14 days I was there was 1 nurse. I decided I wanted to be a pediatric nurse so no other child would be treated as rude, rough, and mean as I had!

Tell us about your field of nursing.

For nurses who aren’t familiar with your field or who are considering a career change, what information do you think would be valuable to them? What does a typical day in your field of nursing look like?
I’m a supervisor at a Behavioral hospital for children. A psychiatrict nurse. We still give medications and insulin in the morning but our patients live with us for months at a time. We make sure the patients know their medicine and insulin regimens because they will have to continue on their own when they leave. They are expected to initiate with their meds and insulin every day and if not we go over them again. Our patients have extremely rough and difficult pasts so we have a few arguments break out and fights. I have been hit, bitten, water thrown at me, hair pulled. And those are my favorite patients! They all have a past. If we know what’s going on with them we can help them work through their problems and fears and let them know that someone does care and is fighting for them. My days always end with our patients asking, are you coming back? Of course!

What do you love about your job?

 I love the kids and my staff! There is never a dull moment at my job! Where else can you work where one part of your job is to go outside and play football with the kids or to go swimming! The good always outweigh the bad!

What is the most challenging part of your job?

The emotional stress. You can’t believe what people have done to children. And how hard you work with them daily and they fight you. Physically and verbally. Takes a while to build trust and make them realize you are not their friend you are their nurse and will do everything to make sure they are safe! Even if that’s from themselves sometimes.