Congratulations to #RNTappreciation Winner, Jenny McNeff

Jenny McNeff

Content winner, Jenny McNeff (center) with WTEN’s Steve Caporizzo (left)

A huge congratulations is in order for our #RNTappreciation contest winner, Jenny McNeff. Jenny won $1,000 cash and $1,000 was donated to Little Brook Farm on her behalf.

We got the opportunity to chat with Jenny and see where her inspiration has come from and where her nursing career has taken her.

Nursing was her calling early on.

Jenny started working in a nursing home at the age of 16 years old. She began her work at the Resurrection Nursing Home in the kitchen. As her passion for working with the elderly grew, Jenny moved from working in the kitchen to working in an activities position.

This early time in her life sparked her interest in working with the elderly, a path that she would continue to pursue throughout her life.

Inspiration from her mother propelled her career.

Although Jenny did not originally start school with the intention of becoming a nurse, she began nursing school after her mother suggested it to her. “Literally one day, my mom came home from work and said to me ‘Jenny, let’s go to nursing school together,’” Jenny told us.

Jenny credits her mother as her inspiration for working with the elderly. “I got it from my mother. I watched her take care of my grandmother in our own home.”

Jenny’s grandmother suffered from a heart condition. As a young girl, she watched her mother take care of her grandmother, who lived in their living room.

As time went on, Jenny and her mother graduated at the same time, becoming LPNs. Even after they graduated, Jenny still credited her mother as her inspiration. “I looked up to my mother, how she was so natural with the Alzheimer’s and dementia [patients].”

It takes a special person to work with the elderly.

With inspiration from her mother and her time working at a nursing home in high school, Jenny realized working with the elderly was her calling. It takes a special person to work with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, and Jenny is one of those people.

She told us her time at the nursing home working with elderly patients is immensely rewarding. “I was so happy being there, it was so rewarding, and then I go home [and] it’s back to reality.”

She’s willing to go the extra mile.

We are so proud to award Jenny as our #RNTappreciation contest winner. It is obvious to us that she deserving! From her nomination from her mother, the outpouring of comments supporting her and our conversation with her, we are confident that Jenny is willing to do whatever it takes to help her patients and their families. Now that’s a great nurse! Even when Jenny was facing obstacles in her own life, she was able to continue to help her patients as much as possible.

“[Jenny] has endured some personal hardships, but has never lost sight of her commitment to her patients. She is truly a dedicated, hard worker who inspires everyone around her. She has the biggest SMILE and the warmest heart I know,” Jenny’s mother wrote in her nomination.

Jenny is a nurse that is willing to do anything for her patients and their family members. “I’ll go that extra mile just to have them feel comfortable,” she told us with genuine humility.

We received comments supporting Jenny such as “Jenny is a wonderful person,” “she is a great nurse” and “she is very deserving of this recognition.”

Again, we’d like to extend our congratulations to Jenny, a nurse who is more than deserving of this recognition! Thanks for all you do, Jenny!