Confessions of an ER RN with Alexandria Kelley

Alex KelleyShoutout to Alexandria Kelley for taking time to share with us her experiences in being an ER Nurse. Thank you for being passionate in what you do.

What type of nurse are you?

Emergency Room Nurse

What are your credentials?


Where do you work?

Mercy Medical Center

Why did you decide to become a nurse? And why did you choose your particular field of nursing?

No other profession has the options as a 4 yr, or 2 yr graduate from a nursing program. I love people. Helping someone through a medical emergency brings me fulfillment and joy. I chose the ER because I absolutely love the hustle and bustle. I like chaos. I like not knowing what will happen next. I like having the ability to help any person of any age with any ailment.

Tell us about your field of nursing.

Ever changing.

What do you love about your job?

The fact that no matter where I go as a nurse I have job security. Plus working with so many other disciplines .

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Always always dealing with an unsatisfied patient.

We’d love to hear from other ER Nurses! Tell us in the comments what you find the most challenging¬†about being an ER Nurse.