Hair and Makeup for Nurses

Hair & Make Up for Nurses - BlogJust because you work long hours doesn’t mean your beauty has to suffer. As a nurse, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your ideal hair and makeup routine just because you’re working long shifts.

To help you master hair and makeup that will last long shifts, we’ve rounded up a few beauty tips for nurses.

A good foundation is key.

When applying foundation, make sure to use a brand that matches your skin color. Also make sure your foundation is oil free – no one wants an oily face half way through their shift.

Scrubs Magazine suggests using foundation sparingly. “Apply foundation only to the problem areas to even out the complexion rather than the entire face. Use a foundation brush to blend in evenly; the bristles will work double duty to buff the foundation to the skin so it stays on longer.”1

A brush will ensure a longer lasting, flawless look.

Use eye makeup strategically to make your eyes pop.

An easy way to make your eyes pop is to use eyeshadow colors strategically with your eye color.

According to Nurse Buff, “if you have dark eye lids, apply vanilla, nude or pale beige colors. On the other hand, if you have fair or light eye lids, use deep beige or pale brown hues.”2

Eye makeup is also a great way to hide signs of lack of sleep. Nurse Buff says “if you lack sleep, make your eyes look rounder by applying eyeliner at the outline base of your lashes. Use dark brown shades to make the effect softer and more appropriate for work.”2

Also, make sure to use an eyelid primer to prevent creasing in your shadow midway through the day.

Easy hair go-tos for nurses.

Many nurses opt to work with their hair up so it doesn’t come in contact with anything it shouldn’t (dare we say bodily fluids). Nurses need easy updos that will stay in place for an entire shift.

Nurse Together recommends “styles like buns are quite easy to do. You can also try braids, weaves, etc. These styles may help you in an emergency, as this way you can get up and reach your workstation on time without worrying too much about your hairdo.”3

Additional resources for your beauty needs.

To help you navigate your hair and beauty routine, we’ve gathered a few additional resources on nursing beauty.

Your beauty routine shouldn’t have to suffer just because of the profession you’re in. Having beautiful and long-lasting hair and makeup is definitely possible!

May your day be as flawless as your makeup.

What beauty products do you recommend for nurses? Tell us in the comments below!