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Making a Difference in Small People with Dane L, Pediatric and School Nurse

Dane LA huge shout out to Nurse Dane for putting on band aids, stopping bloody nose, holding on to ice packs and for tirelessly taking care of children all day long just to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

What type of nurse are you?

School nurse/Pediatric nurse

What are your credentials?


Where do you work?

Rodeph Sholom School and Brooklyn Hospital

Why did you decide to become a nurse? And why did you choose your particular field of nursing?

I liked the idea of wearing comfy clothes to work, choosing flexible hours each week and making good money; so I went to nursing school! I chose to work with kids because they are resilient..they will blow you away with their wit and amaze you daily.

Tell us about your field of nursing.

The most important thing about working with the pediatric population is to remember you teach twice-once to the guardian and once to the child. Always be mindful of parents; because they know what is best for their child. Discretion goes a long way.

What do you love about your job?

What I absolutely love the most is interacting with little people. You’re not here to influence or teach them things for their future. You are here to care. And during the short period of time you have together, it’s the moments inbetween their interventions and treatments that I enjoy the most.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

It’s really hard to see a parent hurt and to see your patient struggle. Sometimes all you can do is be present.

What is your best experience as a Pediatric/School Nurse? Tell us in the comments below and share to us why you love being one!