Quick and Easy Energy Snacks

Let me start off by saying: we wish we could tell you all these gels were amazing and you should get them all, but we can’t, so we won’t. Being a nurse is often like running a marathon. You wake up early (or really late) and work extremely long shifts, always on the move with little to no time to refuel and rest. We set out to give you refueling options that provide quick and easy energy, yet are small enough to fit in your pocket. Our initial intention was to review energy gel type products, but after trying just two we had to look elsewhere. The consistency of each energy gels was thick, like 3rd grade arts and crafts glue thick. If you can handle that (like the champ you are!) then you’re on your way. The caffeinated gels provided energy and a heightened sense of being alert. In the end, yes, they did what they were supposed to do, though only a couple tasted anything like something someone should actually consume.


CLIF SHOT – Energy Gel – Double Espresso

This was a terrible one to start off with, as it was the worst one of all. It tasted like black coffee with a hint of cream and sugar, only, the coffee was brewed in a lead kettle. The chemical taste took a while to go away. The upside is, even though it was too gross to finish, it did provide energy without any sort of crash.


PowerBar PowerGel – Tangerine

This was thinner than the other gels, but the taste provided a shocking flashback to being fed medicine as a kid. I may be biased because of the flashback, but I do also think it tasted a bit chemically. I made sure to ask for additional opinions, in this instance especially. No one else minded the flavor so much, though no one loved it. Perhaps this one is still worth a try if you love tangerine..?


CLIF SHOT – Energy Gel – Strawberry

After trying the previous gels, I had no hope for this one, BUT it was actually pretty tasty! Cliff redeemed themselves with this one. The flavor was on point, which provides confidence that other flavors may be worth giving a shot as well (except expresso… never again expresso). It had the same thick consistency as the others, but without the bad taste. We’d definitely recommend this one!


Winner: Honey Stinger Organic Energy Gel, Acai and Pomegranate

This was by far the winner. The gel was thick and the taste was great. Our entire team loved it. It was like eating acai pomegranate honey. Our experience with this brand tells us that our loyalty should lie with Stinger. They have a Honey Ginseng flavor that also sounds appetizing. Right when gel shots seemed to be a complete fail, Cliff Shot and Honey Stinger saved the day!

It’s really hit or miss with these energy gels, but we’re determined to provide a viable solution.  Here are some alternatives that would provide energy and still be convenient to carry around. Cliff bars: nearly every flavor is delicious, plus they are small, easy to carry and provide a great boost of energy. Click here to try them. The best bars (in my humble opinion) are Kind Bars. They come in a ton of different unique flavors and are super healthy. Ty the Honey Smoked BBQ Strong & Kind, they’re are amazing. You can try them by clicker here.

Our tried and true opinion? Stick with the bars. They provide a higher level of nutrients with the added bonus of protein, and the even bigger bonus of tasting great.