We are giving $2,000 to a nurse and want to tell you why!

RealNurseTalk.com, in partnership with the Whistleblower Justice Network, launched the #RNTappreication content on March 31st determined to find the nation’s most deserving nurse.

We’d like to invite you to join us as we celebrate our winner!

Jenny McNeff, nominated by Vicki RominesContest winner, Jenny McNeff moved into the semi-finalist voting round after ranking in the top 10 among 66 nominees who received a cumulative total of 1,500+ votes on Facebook. The final voting round was fierce with 3,800+ total votes cast and tens of thousands of webpage views.

Our winner is not only a deserving nurse, but someone whose dedication has inspired hundreds of individuals to rally behind her and lead her to the #RNTappreciation win.

Jenny McNeff was nominated by her mother, who started the stream of endearing comments: “[Jenny] has endured some personal hardships, but has never lost sight of her commitment to her patients. She is truly a dedicated, hard worker who inspires everyone around her. She has the biggest SMILE and the warmest heart I know.”

These sentiments were echoed by supporters who left comments on realnursetalk.com after voting for Jenny: “We want Jenny McNeff to win, she deserves it!” “Jenny is a wonderful person!”