Spooky Nurse Stories Sure to Give You Shivers

spooky-nurse-stories-sure-to-give-you-shivers_bpHalloween is a time filled with stories of ghosts, goblins and ghouls sure to frighten anyone. Normally, at the end of the day we know that all of this hocus pocus is just make believe. But, what if we told you some nurses had stories that may be true?

Here are 4 spooky nurse encounters that are sure to raise the hair on the back of your neck.

Call Lights From Beyond

“I work as a CNA in long term care. We had one resident, “Betty,” who was totally independent. All ADL’s were done on her own and she did fine on her own, never had an incident. The only time she wanted help was showers and then she only wanted you around to make sure she didn’t slip and fall. Betty came down with pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. When she came back she was too weak to do things on her own but too stubborn to ask for help. The last thing the CNA told her before going to bed was “If you want to get up, hit your call light. I’ll come help you.” Of course she didn’t, got rid of the bed alarm, climbed out of bed, and fell. Betty died from the fall. Her bed has been empty since.

The following week the call light for the room went off at night. Thinking it was the resident in bed B I walked down the room to see what she wanted. I walked into the room only to see the call light for bed B and A off, the call light for bed C (Betty’s unoccupied bed) was on. My eyes filled up with tears, I backed out of the room, and made someone else turn the call light off.”1

The Black Thing Up There

“The best I have heard is from a nurse who said that one night she was floated to oncology at the hospital she used to work at. She was given a patient who was passing away and had been unconscious for several days. At one point during the night the nurse went into the room and the patient was at the top of the bed and looked at her and said, “don’t let them take me!”, the nurse was freaked out and asked her who was going to take her and she said that black thing up there and pointed up in the air. This patient died within minutes.”2

Coming Back to Say “I’m Fine”

“I was working in the ward on a night duty for quite some time. One night, I had to write down each patient’s name, when I spotted a patient that I had not seen for a couple of weeks. I felt weird when I was about to think that he had been transferred to our surgical hospital. He looked at me in the eyes and smiled as I gave him a gesture as if everything is fine. It was a relief seeing him in his best look than what I remember. However, when putting in my notes I could not find his name on the patient census. I looked him up by name and was amazed to see that it said he had died two days earlier. It was like he came back to say he was fine.”3

Supernatural Balloons

“It was my second year working in the institution as an RN, I worked night shift on a pediatric unit. Our patients were often preschool and school-age children. We had a patient who would always want her visitors to bring balloons whenever they come to visit her. She died earlier after her long stay in the hospital. Days passed, one of my co-workers celebrated her birthday to which we had several balloons in the station. We noticed two balloons floated slowly bobbing–up and down. Now this would not have bothered me BUT those balloons then stopped by the girl’s previous room just right in front of the door and slowly went BACK INTO THE NURSES’ STATION!!! This cannot be explained by air currents!!”3

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