What a NHS Doctor Really Thinks of Nurses

Undoubtedly, nurses are the backbone to healthcare systems around the world. As a nurse, you advocate on behalf of patients for whom the entire system exists to serve. That is a heavy load to bear and sometimes you wonder if anyone notices all the weight on your shoulders. But…

Your service has not gone unnoticed. Your dedication has not been overlooked. And your compassion in times of distress and despair has not been forgotten.

It warms our hearts to hear of nurses getting the accolades they deserve.

NHS doctor, Dr. Zoe Norris shares her personal experiences with nurses in a heartwarming Huffington Post UK article entitled “The Nurses Who Made Me a Better Doctor”.

Dr. Norris perfectly illustrates how instrumental nurses are to doctors like her, other colleagues, patients, and the healthcare system in general. As if the title of her article isn’t enough, she begins by explaining, “But I wouldn’t be half the doctor I am today without nurses.”

Dr. Norris writes about tender and alarming accounts of how nurses held her up and spurred her on, in both practical and emotional ways. During a case of Meningitis, it was to the credit of a nurse that calm prevailed in a chaotic situation. Dr. Norris shares that she “couldn’t have finished that shift without those nurses.”

Thank you, Dr. Norris, for sharing your experiences!

What this Doctor Really Thinks of NursesRead the full Huffington Post UK article here.